21 February 2013

February 2013 news update

The HMS Beagle Trust is gathering momentum for the next phase of the project. Our principal focus now is to raise funds to strengthen our team, and we have engaged a fundraising consultancy to help secure funding.

The HMS Beagle Project has now appointed a coordinator, Melanie Hanvey. She will provide administrative support to the directors and work with the UK science team based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Melanie has a background in oceanography and science communication, and was the onboard research coordinator for a global voyage of M/V Oceanic II.

We also welcome two new patrons: Lord West of Spithead, former First Sea Lord and Head of the Royal Navy, and Professor Simon Keynes, Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon History at Cambridge University. Professor Keynes is Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson, and the addition of Lord West to our team strengthens the political and diplomatic support for the project, and follows the recognition of the trust’s work by Prime Minister David Cameron and President Sebástian Piñera of Chile at the end of last year.

Finally, the HMS Beagle Project’s interest in the Paglesham site, Essex, as HMS Beagle’s final resting place has been rekindled following a meeting with the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit. They support the theory that any remains of HMS Beagle are here, as they believe that she would not have been removed for breaking up elsewhere due to the risk and cost associated with moving such a small vessel.

31 January 2013

Fundacion Beagle celebrates one year

Fundacion Beagle, our sister charity in Chile, has celebrated its first birthday. Fundacion Beagle was founded in January 2012, and has been working hard to build teams of scientists and educators in Chile to develop the core themes of science, and education and discovery. To find out more about Fundacion Beagle visit their website.