8 July 2012

Blogkeeping: important stuff.

1. Dr Karen James, scientist of this parish, has jumped a very important hurdle. She has made the first cut for NASA astronaut training. If there is anyone not aware of this (Dr. K is a prolific tweeter) do send her congrats and best wishes for whatever comes next in the selection process. This is big, it is clever and it is richly deserved.

Britain had this talented lady working under our scientific eaves and we?

Let her escape to her native America.

2. Who isn't interested in dinosaurs? If you are, Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings is a great read. A bone-a fide palaeontologist, smart as paint and writes well.

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Anonymous said...

I found this owing to the trackback onto the Musings. Had to look up what 'smart as paint' means, but on finding it's a compliment, I thought I should drop in and say 'Hi' and 'Thanks'.