26 June 2012

Bird's eye view of the Beagle's grave.

A fascinating blog post from Sean B. Palmer.

He has published aerial photos and maps of the Beagle's proposed resting place near Paglesham.

The site was identified in 2004 by Dr Robert Prescott formerly of ST Andrews University.  Ground penetrating radar shows the outline of something hull-like 5 metres down in the ooze. There is a pretty good document trail suggesting that this is indeed the Beagle's final berth.

As we have said here before, HMS Beagle is one of the most significant ships in British, world and scientific history.

If the spot marked in Mr. Palmer's position is indeed Beagle's present resting place it should not be her last.

No nation that calls itself a civilized, advanced society should let such an icon of adventure, exploration and scientific endeavour rest under five metres of Essex mud.

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Bob O'H said...

The photo is from Google Maps, which I think is really cool that we can all find it.

Now, where's my bucket and spade?