21 November 2011

Beagle Project parish notices

The blog has been languishing of late, languishing in a most unseamanlike fashion and that will never do. I have been on paternity leave and turbo-blogger Dr Karen James has very sadly for this Isle been brain drained back to the USA. It's time to play catch up, but it will take a while.

Great Beagle Project things have happened in South America and I will be trying to get a full report from the Beagle People concerned to post here.

In the meantime stalwart friend of the Project Friends of Charles Darwin is now on Google+. Go and give him some BP bloglove.

And science with a smile returns to Radio 4 with a new series of The Infinite Monkey Cage hosted by Mediagenic Manc Pop Particle Sci God Brian Cox. Appointment to listen radio. 4.30 pm, R4 today.