8 October 2011

New website, new look, new contributor

Hello again, blogosphere! We have some announcements:
  • The HMS Beagle Project has a shiny new website, designed by M/A with invaluable input from Beagle Project associates Anna Faherty and Lisa Taylor.
  • This blog is in the process of being re-skinned to match the new branding. Pardon our mess while we get it all ship shape.
  • Please welcome our newest Beagle Project blogger Lisa Taylor. *clap clap clap* A lifelong traveler and fan of nature in all its oddity, Lisa has been to a handful of the countries HMS Beagle visited, and plans to explore more. Having worked as a journalist, video producer and project director on five continents, she linked two of them in 2009 by sailing the North Atlantic on a Canadian Navy vessel, and counts good sea-legs as a treasured genetic trait. She now lives in London, sharing her time between the HMS Beagle Project and sustainable housing advocacy.
    Lisa Taylor, Beagle Project Administrator and your newest Beagle Blogger.


lisamoab said...

Thanks, Karen. I'd just like to point out that what I'm holding is not sign reading a "Will work for SUV" but a well-used map of Bolivia. Just in case we lost it ;>

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Lisa!

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