20 May 2011

The Beagle Project: news and website.

Pop over to The Beagle Project main website and you will see changes afoot. They are afoot, ahoof, afin and apseudopod (that's enough of that lame gag - Ed) organizationally too.

We are no longer run by three enthusiasts from their respective attics and bedrooms: David Lort-Philips, Karen James and I (with almost immediate help and support from Richard Carter at Friends of Charles Darwin go and join if you haven't) set the project up in our spare time and with our own resources.

However, with the Project gaining great interest and support in South America and arrival of our first large donation there is the need to put things on a more organized, professional footing. We now have scientists of the calibre of Dr. Simon Boxall on the board of trustees and are moving to secure our next lump of funding . The Beagle Project is developing a scientific programme. This is not independent of the ship build, building a new, sailing HMS Beagle remains our main objective.

It hasn't been easy keeping things running during the current economic crisis, and Karen James and David Lort-Phillips have done a fantastic job. I've been preoccupied with an evolutionary project of my own, but am back and excited that the Project is gaining momentum. Too many people have given time and money for the new HMS Beagle not to be built.


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

This is great news, and I will keep spreading the word about the Beagle Project as well as I can.

Karen James said...

Thanks, Peter! *feels the love*

Anonymous said...

I suppose this means I'd better start writing some more blog posts.