18 April 2011

J Smith (bosun's mate, HMS Beagle) would have been proud

of Andrew Smith (they've got to be related...) of the Indianapolis Smiths for his splendid 1:36 scale radio control model of the Beagle. Do go and have a gander: Mr Smith is recording progress by the week as he builds. He carved the hull from a pear tree bough using an axe. Most gonzo. And most recently disaster has struck as the 2011 Beagle suffered a main mast collapse on her maiden voyage.

Obviously we want to see more Beagles of all sizes in the world, so we here wish Mr Smith well in his rerigging of the Indianapolis Beagle and will be awaiting details of her next voyage.

J. Smith of the 1831 crew should be looking on with approval.

For those who want a model of HMS Beagle and don't have Mr Smith's dedication and skill, Premier Ship Models do a superb HMS Beagle.

So good that one was bought by Simon Keynes, Professor of Anglo Saxon history at Trinity Cambridge who also happens to be a Darwin descendent.

He pronounced himself happy with the result which Beaglers Karen James and I were lucky enough to see in Prof Keynes's rooms in Cambridge.

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