19 January 2011

The day we have been working and waiting for: our first six-figure donation!

As announced at Science Online 2011, I am delighted to confirm that The HMS Beagle Trust has received a six-figure donation from a private source in the UK. *snoopy dance*

Without naming the source, I will just say she is a committed Darwinist and has a background in politics.

The funding will be used to 1) hire a full-time professional fundraiser and 2) re-launch the project in the form of a new website and new marketing, fundraising and communications mechanisms.

This blog will continue is some shape or form... probably not this form, though; as you will have noticed we've been trailing off for some time as a natural result of changes in our personal and professional lives.


Bob O'H said...

Yay! But I hope the six figures aren't £10.23½

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Congratulations.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

I am very excited to hear about this, and I hope the fundraising really takes off from this.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!