17 July 2010

Spain's museum of human evolution

has a replica HMS Beagle, according to this article in the Irish Times.

The museum's website is here.

We are working flat out to see that the country that gave the world HMS Beagle and all the discoveries that flowed from her decks and crew has a sailing replica of this great ship too. We know times are tight, but if you have £5 million to spare there is little better you could do to help lighten the nationally austere mood than by helping us build and launch a sailing replica of the ship that changed the world.

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Burt said...

Since you've opened the door a bit, could we lurkers ask you to blog us an update on the project status (or tell me where to find such a thing)? How is fund-raising going? What's your expected timeline? Do you have project partners/sponsors we should thank or encourage (as patrons)? What sort of upcoming events do you have that we could support? Etc...