14 July 2010

Quiz: but which other boat did Darwin sail on?

Wiki answers helpfully tells you that Darwin sailed on the Beagle (can anyone have studied science or history at school and emerge not knowing that? Probably, I sometimes think Eeyorishly.) Having done what few mariners have achieved and circumnavigated the globe, Darwin only went to sea twice again in his life.

Where and why? Answers in comments, please.


Psiloiordinary said...

1827 - Visits Belfast and Dublin in spring. Visited Paris in May with Wedgwood cousins, his only time in France.

From here; http://darwin-online.org.uk/timeline.html

Fingers crossed,


Psiloiordinary said...

Oh you mean after the Beagle don't you!

1868 July Visits Isle of Wight and meets Alfred Lord Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron.

Once to get there and once again to get home


Peter Mc said...

After the Beagle indeed. 1858. Darwin went to the Isle of Wight to start writing the first draft of the Origin.

Jordan McKinnon said...

The H.M.S. Russell Crowe - they were making some movie, I think. Was going by the name Maturin at the time.

Richard Carter, FCD said...

NOT CORRECT, MR McGRATH! Darwin took at least two other boat trips...

Darwin to Lyell, 9-Aug-1838:

"my trip in the steam packet was absolutely pleasant, & I enjoyed the spectacle, wretch that I am, of two ladies & some small children quite sea sick, I being well. Moreover on my return from Glasgow to Liverpool, I triumphed in a similar manner over some full grown men."

(As a pseudo-Scouser, I am rather pleased that Darwin took a steam packet to Liverpool.)