22 July 2010

Project update and more FitzRoy

I've been on sabbatical so am just playing catch-up with my Beagle Project colleagues. Supporters are long overdue a project update and as soon as I have caught up with my Beagle Project fellow directors I'll be posting a while-I've-been-away catch up.

Many thanks to Karen James who has taken up my blogging slack. As readers will know she is being been brain drained home to the US which will in future benefit from her bright scientific lights. We aren't losing her to the Project but Britain generally and its science in particular will be the poorer for her taking her Maine chance.

More on Captain FitzRoy. According to Geekzone the NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospherics has just installed a whopping supercomputer to help with weather forecasting the IBM has been called FitzRoy because:

The supercomputer is called FitzRoy after Robert FitzRoy, a 19th century scientist, surveyor and hydrographer. He captained the Beagle on Charles Darwin’s famous 1831 voyage. He founded the forerunner to the UK Met Office (1854), was the second Governor of NZ from 1843 where he, among other things, insisted that the New Zealand Company pay Maori a realistic price for the land they claimed to have purchased. He was also the first person to do ‘data assimilation’ and produce a ‘weather forecast’.


Karen James said...

Aww, thanks McGrath! *dashes away a tear*

But hang on - it's not really a brain drain, is it? I mean, I'm American. I was just in the transatlantic U-bend for a while.

Nick Holmes said...

I can't find anywhere the current status of this project. Please oblige. If the Beagle is going to sail the world anytime soon I want a ticket!