21 July 2010

Good for Roger R and his

blog Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary.

Roger not only publishes Charles Darwin's diary entries during the Beagle Voyage for our improvement and amusement, he has started adding Captain FitzRoy's journal entries for which this sailor and FitzRoy fan says hurrah.

FitzRoy got Darwin safely around the watery globe in small ship and reading his journals reveals a scientist of no mean ability himself. One of the results I would like from the Beagle Project is that the ship helps enhance the reputation of Captain FitzRoy: he is all too often known as the moody, mentally unstable man who opposed Darwin's theory and eventually killed himself.

That may be so, but as anyone familiar with his story knows, he was a great seaman and his contribution to meteorology alone should assure his place in the history books. A Beagle Project page appreciating FitzRoy is long overdue.

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Richard Carter, FCD said...

Here's a piece I wrote about FitzRoy five years ago, in celebration of his 200th birthday: http://friendsofdarwin.com/articles/2005/fitzroy/