8 July 2010

Beagle Project Blog hiatus (duh)

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, over the last year or so The Beagle Project Blog has gone from a once-a-day blog to a once-a-week blog to a once-a-month blog. I'd like to think that all blogging hiatuses (hiati?) are planned out in advance but the truth is that sometimes they just happen: life gets in the way, enthusiasm ebbs, twitter scratches the writing itch.

So, at the risk of putting the hart before the corse here, I'm going to make it official: the Beagle Project Blog is on recess until October, when we will be leaping back onto the blogging scene with new energy, a new website, a TAM London presentation, a space shuttle launch and a Darwin and the Adventure reprise in Chile.

In the meantime, follow my tweets, or if you are overwhelmed by my tweet frequency, just my Beagle tweets, and if there's any really big news, we'll break the silence and post. <---shameless ploy to stop you from removing us from your RSS readers

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