12 April 2010

The Beagle Project coming New York City way

Calling all Beagle Project friends, collaborators and assorted sympathizers in and around the five boroughs:

I'll be in NYC from this Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon should you want to meet up and talk science shop.

The purpose of my trip is the second tree DNA barcoding campaign meeting in as many years, at the beautiful New York Botanical Garden. I'm giving a talk about one of my Natural History Museum projects involving - as the cleverest among you will have guessed - DNA barcoding trees.

Long-time readers (we heart you!) may remember my trip report and photos from the first Tree-BoL meeting in 2008. You may also remember my uber-bad rendition of Sinatra's New York, New York. What can I say? It was my first time to the Big Apple; so what if I went a little overboard? You know you loved it. XOXO

(Yes, that was a Gossip Girl reference.)