11 March 2010

T minus 6 hours to Dr. Kiki's Science Hour

I was delighted to meet Dr. Kirsten Sanford, an undisputed member of online science communication royalty, at Science Online '10. I was even more delighted and honoured, too, when she invited me to court: that is, to appear on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour!

Tune in TODAY at 3pm PST/11pm GMT for the live show, or catch it on or after Saturday on twit.tv. There are chat rooms: please do participate!


Graham Seel said...

I only found out about this yesterday so missed it in real time. Looking forward to listening to the archived version though :)

Mike Macewich said...

Great show! I just listened to the podcast last night. Having sailed on HMS Endeavour, another historical replica, as a supernumerary in Joseph Banks' cabin, I applaud the goals of the Beagle Project. I'll be following the progress closely.

I also was encouraged to hear of your transition from believer to non-. "In the beginning, man created god." I believe I saw that on a the side of a bus in Chicago.