12 February 2010

Drift....ing along with the tumbling tumbleweeds

Wow. Sorry about that, folks. We probably should have given you some advance warning about what posterity may very well come to call The Great Beagle Project Blog Post Gap of 2010, but, to be honest, we didn't see it coming. In our defense, I've heard this happens to bloggers from time to time... I guess this was our time.

*shakes off cobwebs*

So, what better way to celebrate Charles Darwin's 201st birthday than by reanimating the blog associated with a project that not only celebrates Darwin's legacy but aims to re-live it?

In the coming days and weeks, you can look forward to:
  • an updated and refreshed side-bar
  • an updated blogroll
  • a new series of posts called 'And now, the news' that will keep you up to date with Beagle Project information, status and activities
  • a consolidation of labels, to help you navigate our archive and find what you're looking for
  • last but not least, regular posts!
Happy Darwin Day!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it!

Captain Skellett said...

Glad you're back! Was beginning to think the blogginess was over. Any chance you guys are coming to Australia at some point? Would love to see you!!!

Karen James said...

Thanks, Cap'n. As a matter of fact, one of the Beagle Project co-founders, David Lort Phillips is traveling in Australia right now. But it will probably be at least a couple of years before we do any 'official' Beagle Project events in Australia (perhaps akin to our recent project in Brazil), and even more before we are visiting Australia in the rebuilt Beagle - have to raise the funds and build her first!