19 February 2010

The Beagle Project on Little Atoms radio and podcast

Last Friday, the 12th of February (Darwin's 201st birthday, as it happens), I was interviewed by Skepchick extraordinaire Rebecca Watson and Neil Denny (not a Skepchick) on Little Atoms, a weekly live talk show on Resonance 104.4FM and official podcast of The Skeptic magazine. We talked about my work at the Natural History Museum on Darwin's mockingbirds and DNA barcoding and, of course, about The HMS Beagle Project. You can listen again to the 30-minute interview by downloading it or on iTunes.

From the left: Rebecca Watson, me and Neil Denny live on the air!

Links to projects I mentioned in the interview:
Notes and corrections:
  • How it is that I failed to say that the mockingbird specimens I worked on were the ones collected by Darwin and Fitzroy, I do not know.
  • The overall NASA budget wasn't cut, but the Constellation program was canceled.
  • I tend to say 'tend to' too much

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