12 February 2010

Astronaut Mike Barratt's guest post 'Cosmopithecus' selected for Open Laboratory!

Cosmopithecus, the Beagle Project Blog guest post by NASA astronaut and Beagle Project collaborator Mike Barratt, which he wrote during his long-duration flight aboard the International Space Station last year, has been selected for inclusion in Open Laboratory!

Mike emails to say he's really pleased and proud that his post was chosen. He wanted to write more posts during his flight but 'all the electrons were constrained to the mission and medical logs'. Yeah, what a slacker.... oh wait... he says that in addition to the blog post, he also wrote 'a few medical papers' during the flight. You heard that right, readers, he actually kept up his academic publication record while in space! Massive props.

Needless to say, we are honoured to have hosted his guest post and delighted that it's been selected for Open Lab!

Photo: NASA astronaut Michael Barratt, Expedition 20 flight engineer, holds storage containers with his legs while floating freely in the Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station.
NASA photo ISS020-E-021255.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Mike!