7 December 2009

The new Beagle won't just promote science-based action on climate change, she'll embody it

A Greenpeace vessel floats offshore to welcome flights arriving at Copenhagen airport (Kreutzmann Nanna/AP).

As anyone not locked in a closet knows, a certain climate change summit is taking place this week in Denmark. There's already lots being written and even more said about it, so we just want to add this one thing: sails, people.

Hopenhagen, they're calling it, and that's just what we're all doing: hoping it's successful. But at The Beagle Project we also believe that hope isn't enough. We all need to take action on climate change, not just look to politicians. And so I give you our climate change pledge:

The new Beagle will:
  • be a research platform to investigate climate change (and its inextricable link to biodiversity change)
  • carry the urgent message of the need for climate action to audiences literally around the world
  • celebrate her namesake's captain Robert Fitzroy who founded the science of weather forecasting (he coined the term 'forecast'), established the use of the then-new telegraph to transmit weather reports so that storm warning cones could be raised in ports saving countless lives and established the Met Office, today a leader in climate change science
  • embody the commitment to climate action by traveling mainly under the power of that greenest of green energy sources - wind
Be on the lookout for reposts this week on the contributions sailing vessels can make to solving the climate crisis.


Bob O'H said...

So when are we going to see The Beagle Project's emails leaked to the press? Surely it's urgent now you've nailed your colours to the twin masts of evolution and climate change.

Bob O'H said...

We know that Richard Carter is a big fraud, and he doesn't exist. But the emails will prove it. What are you hiding?

Karen James said...

From: science@thebeagleproject.com
To: obama@thewhitehouse.gov
Subject: Re. our chat earlier

Dear Barack,

Thanks for meeting with me again in the White House situation room about the need to keep the wool firmly over everyone's eyes, except yours and mine that is. *LOL*

Decades of secret work by paleontologists planting fossils and molecular biologists planting endogenous retroviral pseudogenes in eukaryotic genomes when nobody has been looking has ensured that the 'theory of evolution' is harder to refute than ever, even despite its complete fabrication by Charles Darwin, handed down through the generations to me and you, his secret's present-day guardians.

Our newer conspiracy, global anthropogenic climate change, is similarly successful, especially after your genius stroke, the IPCC - you and I know the real acronym stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Conspiracy. *LOL*

However, in all seriousness, I recommend that our colleague at University of East Anglia must now be eliminated as a result of his egregious security breach.

Yours in radical left-wing liberalism,


Bob O'H said...

Shit. The UEA gave me my PhD. It even included some evilution.