2 September 2009

Send a Grrl to Antarctica

Earlier this summer, we endorsed Beagle Project supporter and science blogger GrrlScientist in a competition to become the official blogger on a trip to Antarctica.

With one month to go, Grrl is in third place, but climbing fast. If you are lacking the motivation to spend the ten seconds or so it takes to vote for Grrl, please consider that in second place is Donny Osmond's son, who is receiving voting support from his father (that world-renowned authority on science communication) and from the Mormons (that world-renowned authority on science communication). If Don wins, we can expect the following gems from Antarctica (excerpted from his contest entry):

Every moment of every breath is a gift give to us, which we should embrace. Live life in crescendo. … Life is a journey, not a destination. Those who embrace this mantra find happiness and adventure in every facet of life.

So there's your reason to vote against Don Osmond, but why should you vote for Grrl? Grrl's been blogging longer than the other contestants - and the thing is, she's good. She's demonstrated for years that she represents and promotes our values (science, conservation, environmentalism) through clear, knowledgeable writing. Her mystery bird series is a reader favourite - and, my friends, it is in need of some penguins!

Follow this link to vote for Grrl.

And remember, one vote per email address (and who has just one?).


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

I heartily endorse this endorsement and add an additional endorsement from Tangled up in Blue Guy.

I don't have anything against Don Osmond, I am sure that the beer coolers in Antarctica would be safe. But grrlscientist, now she would inform and delight us by blogging from the Deeeeeeppp South.

Bob O'Hara said...

One point in Don Osmond's favour: he's a Mormon, so his magic underwear will keep him warm.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for anyone that bashes and belittles a fellow contestant. Looks Like I will be voting for Don!

Anonymous said...

The reason I will not be voting for Don is NOT because he's Mormon and NOT because of his blogging but because I believe he should not be using his father's name or fame to get more votes.
We live in a democratic society and everyone should receive a vote based on how good they are at blogging. Asking people to NOT vote for someone is also unfair, imo, to each blogger. However, Donny Osmond should teach his son that you get things based on your OWN merit. In this sense Donny's priorities are skewed and his son has not learned the true meaning of getting things on your own. The fact that he's Mormon might actually be a PLUS. Then again, I'm a non-believer.

Karen James said...

Dear Anonymous 1, This contest is about science blogging. Good science blogging is good science communication + good writing. Therefore it is not bashing and belittling a contestant to say that their writing is crap, or that their credentials aren't relevant. It is focusing on the issues.

Dear Anonymous 2, So let me get this straight. You say I shouldn't ask people not to vote for Don Osmond, but then you proceed to explain why not to vote for Don Osmond. Interesting.