25 August 2009

The Beagle Project goes to Brazil

Get ready, readers, blog peeps, space tweeps, and all our fans out there because The HMS Beagle Project is about to get its feet wet!

Regular readers may remember my announcement in March that we had been funded by the British Council Darwin Now Network to hold a scientific workshop and 'science under sail' feasibility study in Paraty, Brazil.

I am now in the position to divulge some detail:
When: September 20th-23rd, 2009

Where: Paraty, Brazil (see map below) and aboard the Brazilian Tall Ship Tocorimé (right)

What: A scientific workshop on the potential of doing modern oceanographic and biological research aboard a sailing ship such as on the voyages planned for the new Beagle and a feasibility study consisting of two day science cruises aboard the Tocorimé. The day-cruises will be coordinated with overhead passes of the International Space Station, where astronaut Mike Barratt (a.k.a. Cosmopithecus) will be photographing our position as a test-run for our future planned scientific collaborations. Hopefully, Mike will also be speaking with us live via ham radio, when, in addition to testing our ship-to-space connections he will be answering the questions of local school children in Paraty!


  • ~20 marine scientists from around South America
  • from the HMS Beagle Trust: Me! ...and Beagle Project co-founder David Lort-Phillips
  • from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton: Dr. Simon Boxall, oceanographer and collaborator on the brilliant Cape Farewell project (Note: Dr. David Billett, Co-Chair Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Group at NOCS cannot join us in Paraty but he deserves a big mention as he is the Principal Investigator on this project and has done an enormous amount of work on the science and logistical side)
  • from tall ship Tocorimé: Markus Lehman and Adriana Perusin
  • from NASA: (alas, Dr. Susan Runco, Earth Remote Sensing Scientist of NASA's Image Science and Analysis Group can't join us - her replacement has yet to be named)
  • ...and last but most certainly not least, Kevin Zelnio of Deep Sea News has kindly agreed to serve as our research technician!

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Formal press release coming soon but I wanted you all to be the first to know!


Bob O'H said...

Oh cool. You know Kevin awears like a drunken sailor, don't you? I just thought you should be warned.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Looking forward to hearing all about it, especially if news about it results in some millionaire saying, "Ah, that's who I will donate all my money to!"

Adrian Thysse, FCD. said...

Great news! This does have the potential to boost public exposure for The Beagle Project. It would be nice to see, for instance, the National Geographic Society pick up on this...

Deda said...

I am happy to translate the press realease to Portuguese, should you find it of any use.

Andréia Azevedo Soares, FCD