3 August 2009

Ahoy there!

Two little shout-outs that need shouting out:
  1. Jennifer Rohn is organising a get-together of science bloggers for the 21st of August, the night before Science Online London.
  2. As I've blogged about DNA barcoding here before, and as it's something we hope to do on the new Beagle, readers might be interested to know that I've written a blog post on Data Not Shown entitled 'Gene angst: finding a DNA barcode for plants'.

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Anonymous said...

Aristotle's Life EVOLUTION Climax:
'Nature EVOLVES in a continuous gradation from soulless to animals, through the living beings that are not animals (p.ex. leaves as food, microorganisms), with the result that the akin living beings are so close to each other that their difference seems infinitesimal'. (Α-Ι, On the Parts of Animals 681, α31).
Aristotle for natural selection: "When the teeth grow in just this (suitable) way, then the animal survives. When they do not, then the animal dies. More directly, and more explicitly, the way the teeth grow is not for the sake of the animal, and its survival or its death is just a coincidence (Phys. 198 b 29-32).
As monarchist Darwin, instead of BENEFICIAL MUTUAL-AID, supported fovik egoism-continuous aggression (that DESTROYED faraos, Myceneans, Pelleans, Romans, Mayans, crusaders, Aztecs, Incas etc) as 'natural' 'selection', thus he confused more people. Aren't cool-headed+luckiest GROUPS the usual survivers?