5 July 2009

Go South young Grrl!

As you may have noticed, the Beagle Project's tag-line is "bringing the adventure of science to life". Now, with your support, Beagle Project supporter and science blogger GrrlScientist will be doing just that in February 2010. Grrl is in a competition to become the official blogger on a trip to Antarctica and to get there she needs our votes! There is one vote per valid email address (and if you're like me you've got more than one... *cough*).

As a proponent of adventure blogging it's great to hear that this journey is going to be blogged and I cannot think of a better person to bring this personal and scientific adventure to life for all of us than GrrlScientist. She is a brilliant and consistent blogger, an excellent photographer, and is endorsed by The Digital Cuttlefish.

Follow this link to vote for GrrlScientist.

1 comment:

Mike Haubrich said...

There are many worthy bloggers in this competition, and I voted for grrlscientist when it first opened up. Later Wesley Elsberry announced that he is joining the competition. Wesley is endorsed by Prof. Steve Steve who has agreed to be Wesley's guide and confidante in Antarctica; so the choice is made all the more difficult.