18 June 2009

Twelve days

...is far, far too much time between blog posts, for which we apologise, dear readers and blogpeeps.

My fellow Beagle bloggers will, no doubt, have their own very good excuses; as for me, though, you can direct your ire squarely in the direction of twitter. I've been bit by the twitter bug, big time, swept off my feet in a frenzied flurry of blue feathers.

But this twelve days thing is a wake up call. I've gone too far to the microblogging extreme and it's time to seek balance before I forget how to write paragraphs. So, with hand on heart, I promise to resist the 140-character siren song long enough every week to post something substantive here.

...uh, well, except for next week when I'll be away on a technology-free holiday in the mountains - you know, those big, pointy, rocky things you sometimes see when you go outside in certain parts of the world.


Tony said...

Hi, For those of us new to your blog and to the Beagle Project website, where on earth do we find any news about progress on the project? Is the project dead? Or is the rebuild complete? Or is it still in the fundraising stage? If so, what is the fundraising progress and when might the build start?
Many thanks, Tony

Karen James said...

Thanks for your comment, Tony. You're not the only one asking these questions so I've responded in a post rather than a comment here.