11 May 2009

The Beagle Project endorses The Beagle Campaign

Last week Beagle Project co-founder David Lort-Phillips and I sent a rare email shot, in which we announced our endorsement of The Beagle Campaign "for the reactivation of the Royal Geographical Society's multidisciplinary research projects to greatly advance geographical science and knowledge":
Dear friends and supporters of The HMS Beagle Project,

We would like to call to your attention a like-minded movement of Royal Geographical Society fellows called the Beagle Campaign, which seeks a reactivation of the Society's multidisciplinary research projects to greatly advance geographical science and knowledge.


This initiative shares with our own project more than just our historic namesake; it also embodies central elements of our own mission and values, in particular, a commitment to bold, expeditionary science aligned with inspirational public engagement programming. The Beagle Campaign is working hard to gather support in advance of the Society's SGM on 18th May. Whether you are a Fellow of the RGS or an interested member of the general public, we invite you to learn about the campaign via the link above and, if you feel compelled as we do, register your support on their website.

If you happen to be a Fellow of the RGS, we urge you to attend the SGM and vote with us in support of the Beagle Campaign's resolution, which calls upon the Society to once again mount its own multidisciplinary research projects for the advancement of geographical science and knowledge.

With thanks for your continued interest in the HMS Beagle Project,

Karen James PhD FLS, DIrector for Science
David Lort-Phillips FRGS, Co-Founder
The HMS Beagle Project
Bringing the adventure of science to life
The vote is now one week away and the campaign is getting more and more press, including:
  • The Beagle Campaign public launch in the Financial Times
  • Country Life: Bring back expeditions (PDF)
  • Country Life: Has the RGS lost its way? (PDF)
  • Observer Article by Dr. John Hemming, former Director of RGS
  • A mini-debate on this morning's Radio4 Today programme featuring explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison and the Earl of Selborne, former president of the RGS

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