3 April 2009

In which we meet Glendon Mellow of The Flying Trilobite

Beagle Project co-founder Peter Mc was recently here in Canada drinking maple syrup and wrestling polar bears, as one does, and had the most excellent idea of ringing up....er...contacting on facebook...Toronto artist and Beagle Project supporter Glendon Mellow!

Karen met him first at ScienceOnline09 in North Carolina, but it's not a competition, you know.

Yes, he's way too cool, but wait, there's more!

We've blogged about Glendon (and he's blogged for us) before, but in case you've been spending a year dead for tax reasons, Glendon writes the art-in-awe-of-science blog The Flying Trilobite , which both showcases his surreal paintings and explores the tensions and convergences of art mating with science. Get to know the interesting Mr. Mellow here.

Glendon and his lovely muse Michelle graciously accepted our invite to get together for some traditional St. Patrick's Day thai food, and a most pleasant evening ensued, complete with desserts you set on fire. Here we are with "George" in the background, courtesy of our waiter, who was suprisingly strict, for a waiter.

Glendon is a long time supporter of The Beagle Project. He promotes the Project on his blog, and generously donates a portion of the proceeds from sales of his Darwin Day portrait "Darwin Took Steps" (shown below).

Buy it here.

The rest of his redbubble reproduction shop here.

Gallery here.

Glendon is available freelance for editorial and book illustration, blog and web art, scientific illustration, concept design, tattoo design, (yes, he designed his own!) commissioned paintings and portraits. Contact him at theflyingtrilobite@gmail.com.

Thanks Glendon and Michelle, it was a real pleasure.

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