16 April 2009

Drop everything

...and go to 17:40 in this video:

I am going to go hyperventilate now for about 8 hours but when I come back I hope to be able to provide some commentary more astute and articulate than "OMG Squeeeeeeeeee!" which is about all I can muster at the moment.


Eric Heupel said...

Ok...so you can focus on big cool announcements-
OMG Squeeeeeeeeee!

(aka CongratulationS!!!!!)

Eric Heupel said...

Ok I'll say it so you can focus on more totally cool announcements!

OMG Squeeeeeeeeee!

(aka Congratualations!!)

Michael Robinson said...

Ok, that's the coolest plug for any science project I've ever seen. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

W00t! Congratulations, chaps!

Can't believe you've got me watchin YouTube videos at 05:45am. You've made me late for work!

Ben Hawkes said...

What an amazing big-up! (I'm not going to say it was "out of this world". Way too obvious)

Congrats! I hope this brings much well deserved publicity to the Project.

Peter Mc said...

Face-splitting grin.

Anonymous said...

You clearly have friends in high places.