27 March 2009

To save a mockingbird: the auction

There's just under a day left to place a silent bid (either in person or by email) for Lalla Ward's ceramic paintings and tapestries inspired by Galapagos wildlife in aid of the Gerard Durrell Fund for Galapagos Conservation. Details at RichardDawkins.net (the connection here is that Lalla is married to Richard and has illustrated his books, in case you were wondering, which, of course, you were). At the risk of inspiring others to bid for my personal favourites, here they are:

Saving Darwin's muse
Help save Darwin's mockingbirds
In the field with Darwin's mockingbirds
Yours truly, animated!

Bow of the sprit to Nicole Maturen

1 comment:

spudinski01 said...

i wish i had money lol, alas i don't.