22 March 2009

The Beagle Project on Twitter: feedback wanted

n.b. If web2.0 and its vocabulary make your head feel like it's going to explode, I suggest clicking away now.

The Beagle Project's twitter account (@beagleproject) is just over three months old now, and it's still struggling to hit its stride.

I thought it might be cool to use it as TBPB's mini-blog (hence the feed in the sidebar and the lack of TBPB post announcements in the twitter feed), but that's just not quite right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Richard, I know you told me that delicious would be better for that ages ago but what can I say; I'm climbing a precipitous learning curve.

So. What to do with @beagleproject? I'm hoping that you, that is, our fans, readers, blogpeeps and tweeps can help us with this by weighing in on a few questions.
  1. Why do you follow organisations on twitter? What sorts of tweets do you want from organisations as opposed to individuals? Are there any organisations' twitter feeds that you think are good examples for us to follow?
  2. When you subscribe to organisations on twitter, do you assume and/or hope that it's just one person tweeting from within that organisation or do you assume and/or hope it's more than one? In other words, how important is personal voice in an organisation's tweetstream?
  3. What kinds of tweets would you like from The Beagle Project: project news? ...live updates from beagle project happenings? ...notices that there's a new post up here at TBPB? ...all of the above?
  4. Is @beagleproject redundant considering I already tweet on @kejames or do you think it can be a valuable platform for building and informing a Beagle Project fan base?
  5. Any other thoughts on what to do with @beagleproject?


Eric said...

Karen - not much care if @beagleproject is one voice or several, nut it should be consistently strongly Beagle focused.

I would love to see project news shorts, updates about the project, goals met etc.. and when updates are on the blog.

I don't think it is redundant since your tweets are not exclusively Beagle related...

Miriam Goldstein said...

For organizations, I'm hoping for tidbits of news that aren't worth writing a whole blog post about, but are still interesting. I'm also interested in links related to the organization's mission. I also like live reporting from a relevant happening. I don't care much about personal voice (I follow @kejames for all my Karen news) or blog post notices.

Edward Baker said...

Personally I'd use it to notify people of blog posts, I use a feed reader but interact with Twitter more frequently (TwitterFox is a pretty neat browser integration). I've written about doing this for Scratchpad sites (http://scratchpads.eu/making-the-connection) and twitterfeed would be a good solution here.

On top of that small items not worth an entire blog post and interesting links, etc.

Turning the problem around a little, adding the Blogger widget from http://sharethis.com/ would enable people to easily post any of your posts to Twitter, Facebook and many others.