3 February 2009

Welcome Google Ocean.

The wet extension to Google Earth is with us. Google has partnered up with some impressive partners including National Geographic to add some of the undersea world to Google earth. The project comes with the endorsement of none other than NGS explorer in residence Dr Sylvia Earle. Dr Earle is also director of the American Friends of Beagle, and her latest book Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas is on the way to The Beagle Project Blof for review.

Great though Google Ocean is, it serves to remind us how little we actually know of the seabed. We have surveyed less of the ocean bed than we have of the Moon. Given the importance of the seas in photosynthesis, feeding us and in sequestrating carbon it's something we need to know more about. So donate to the Beagle Project.

Guardian write up of the launch of Google Ocean here.

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