12 February 2009

Donate: now with added gift aid.

OK. This is the year we raise the cash to build the Beagle. Now UK taxpayers can extra bangs for their Darwin buck because we have gift aid enabled, which means if you're a UK taxpayer your donation gets a 25% top up courtesy of the taxman. So if we get £4 million in in UK donations, the government kindly builds the remaining 20% of the replica Beagle. Gift aid paypal buttons on the blog (scroll down a touch) on the home page and donate page.

Kevin (and other Americans), we will shortly be able to do the same thing in the USA.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Only for UK residents? Can I funnel the donation to a UK resident to take advantage of the added value? lol

Karen James said...

Won't be necessary, Kevin, we'll have a US version shortly (tax deductible!) courtesy the Charities Aid Foundation!

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

What that will mean is that for 2010 I will be able to take it as a deduction from my payroll in small bits that add up.

I am donating to the Minnesota Atheists building fund for 2009. With good will, my donations next year will be for a sustaining fund after the Beagle has been fully funded for building this year, right?

Karen James said...

Mike: yes, we'll be raising funds not just for the build but for the voyages and the science, education and outreach programmes.