12 February 2009

Darwin Day links....

Darwin's Galapagos under threat, according to the BBC. (I'd like to think it's the Galapagosians Galapagos.)

Science News for Kids treats us to an essay on Darwin, but didn't mention that as a kid he spent a lot of time doing amateur chemistry in a garden shed, blowing stuff up and getting the nickname 'Gas'.

The Guardian publishes an interactive video.

The Telegraph gives us a canter through Darwin's life in The Man behind the theory of evolution.

The Times tried to be funny with If Charles Darwin were alive today he'd be Simon Cowell (TV talent shows bring analogous to evolution, you see). It also celebrates the other hero of the piece (Beagle!) with a feature on The Coffin Brig that sailed round the world. The Times also celebrates Charles Darwin the meteorologist (at which I am sure Captain Robert FitzRoy would raise an eyebrow).

The New York Times writes of "The unconventional force of his great idea" (registration reuired)

Scientific American airs their Darwin Day special podcast.

Michael Goldfarb in the Global Post starts his piece with pics of the mockingbirds and a great write up of the Darwin exhibition at the Natural History Museum, saying if you read one thing on Darwin....

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