12 February 2009

Darwin Day linkfest 2

Hurrah for Expresion Patterns over at Nature Network for telling us about the Darwin who wrote about the Expression of Emotions of Animals and Man.

At the same gaff, The Scientist tosses off a few lines One The Dead Bloke's Birthday. Bonzer.

Deep thoughts and silliness lives up to the first part of his moniker but not the second with Darwin WAS wrong. He also plugs the Beagle Project. Yes Bob, that's the way to get a voyage. But the cat does the claws thing on the mainmast and there'll be trub. DTAS also sends us in the direction of Propter Doc, which makes some good points in a short post.

Pyranaemata asks what he's wearing for Darwin Day and quelle surprise its his own t shirts. Beagle is front and centre so we can't conplain.

A Developing Passion is well worth a click with a clever post on the Far seeing implications of the Origin of Species.

And for Matt Brown's knit up of Darwin and Harriet: applause!

PS: Bob at Deep Thoughts flags up Richard Wintle's post about Darwin's unorthodox method of specimen collection. He bashed its head in with a hammer.


Bob O'Hara said...

Damn, I must try harder on the silliness. I did like Matt's knitted Darwin-wear, though. And I can highly recommend Richard Wintle's post, about hammers and foxes.

Oh, and the Beagle trip would be for my girlfriend. Get rid of her for a bit...

Ricardipus said...

...and we thank you (Bob and our fine host here at The Beagle Project Blog).

Richard Wintle (probably showing up as a small, line-drawn 'Ricardipus').