26 January 2009

Young Darwin sculpture by a young Darwin sculptor

Oh happy day! After literally years of asking the world for more images of the young Darwin, to remind us all how young he really was when he journeyed on the Beagle and began his intellectual journey towards natural selection (and thereby remind us all - especially young people - that you don't have to be a wizened gentleman to do great science), I am delighted to report that Anthony Smith is about to unveil his long-awaited sculpture of a young Darwin in Cambridge on - you guessed it - the 12th of February.

The sculpture, covered today by both BBC and the Times, is shown here (re-posted from Anthony's excellent website), in clay, before moulding and casting in bronze:

Left: Young Darwin sculpture. Right: young Darwin sculptor.


We first became acquainted with Anthony back in July 2007 when we covered his commission at our old blogspot, so it's particularly delightful to see it come to fruition. It was then that we learned Anthony's artistic skills extend to Photoshopping, as demonstrated by this rendering of Darwin in his elder years, wearing an XKCD t-shirt:

Congratulations, Anthony! I can't wait to go up to Cambridge and see the statue in person in all of it's bronzed, young Darwinny glory.

Bow of the sprit to Michael Barton (okay, and Google email alerts)


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful. I'm trying to hold back tears right now, and I'm not sure why.

Karen James said...

Howard - I know exactly what you mean. It's very moving for some reason!