3 January 2009

Thank you to our shop patrons and referrers

A big, baying Beagle woof-woof-woof to everyone who dropped some dough in our shop in 2008. Thanks too to the bloggers who regularly mention our shop in posts or sidebar widgets. Our top shop referrers include, in order, The Dispersal of Darwin, GrrlScientist, Deep Sea News (yes I added together referrals from both your ScienceBlogs and Discovery sites), Gruts/Friends of Charles Darwin/The Red Notebook, The Other 95%, Sorting Out Science, Tangled Up in Blue Guy, A Blog Around The Clock and Greg Laden's Blog. You are helping us to realise our vision of a new Beagle. Cocked hats off to Michael Barton of Dispersal of Darwin in particular, who managed to take the top spot by a long shot even without the benefit of being hosted by the Borg.


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

I'm glad to help in the limited ways that I can. I am going to talk to Keith Ellison in February about it and see what we can do to try to get some money for you out of Congress.

Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

* Michael humbly bows *

Nah, you all deserve the thanks for doing what you're trying to do!