29 January 2009

The one we've all been waiting for: Attenborough does Darwin

Of all the Darwin bicentenary coverage everywhere - in print, on blogs, on radio, on television and even in the cinema - there is one treatment of Darwin that I have been waiting for with particular excitement: David Attenborough's.

The octogenarian natural history filmmaker is a living legend, not just in UK but around the world, and, ever since I saw Private Life of Plants, he has been a hero of mine. His genius is his infectious enthusiasm for the natural world, his insatiable - almost childlike - curiosity, his eloquence, his tendency towards modesty, and above all his aim: to hold up in front of us all a looking glass to the natural world so that we can share in and be amazed by its abundance, diversity and the sheer power of its beauty, from wherever we are.

So when I heard a while back that he'd be making a documentary for the Darwin bicentenary, I couldn't wait. Well, finally, the hour is at hand. This Saturday, Attenborough does Darwin, on tv (BBC One), yes, but also online. The programme is called "Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life" and here's a trailer:


In association with the programme there is also going to be what promises to be a pretty kick-a** animation of the tree of life funded by the Wellcome Foundation, and you can even order a free Tree of Life poster from the BBC's partner in the series, the Open University (UK only, I'm afraid).

bow of the sprit to Michael Barton


Mario Pineda-Krch said...

Sweet - to bad the clips are "Not available in your area!". Come on BBC - we North Americans also would like to enjoy the glory of David and Charles.

Eric Heupel said...

We're there for that program!
I hope they may sell the poster for folks overseas.