9 January 2009

Hunting the Beagle...

BBC Radio 4, 9pm today. Hunting the Beagle was originally broadcast as a 5 part series earlier this year including contributions from Beagle director David Lort-Philips and myself.

David is measured. I call for the remains of the original to be dug up from the mud at Paglesham and placed on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square. More here.

Pic: Dr Robert Prescott (who in 2004 announced that he had found Beagle's remains and now Chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Historic Ships), David Lort-Phillips (Beagle Project co-founder) and BBC producer Jeremy Grange recording a segment of the programme on the footbridge over the slipway at the former dockyard at Woolwich where HMS Beagle was built

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