28 January 2009

Here comes the jackpot question in advance

...what are you doing Darwinnnn, Darrrr-win Day? Whaaaat are you doing Darwin Day?
To be sung along to Rufus Wainwright's version of 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve':

Seriously, 'what are you doing Darwin Day?' (i.e. February 12th) seems to be increasingly on everyone's lips, around London at least. Apparently there are several VIP parties (I count myself very lucky to have been invited to one of them, but not several like some people I know).

If you're not a VIP, never fear, why not join me at the annual Centre for Ecology and Evolution's Darwin's Birthday Party, this year on the 11th of February in the Flett Theatre at the Natural History Museum where 'all are welcome'! And as long as you're coming to the museum, you might as well take in the Darwin exhibition beforehand.

No matter where you are, you should definitely also check the Darwin200 website for events and exhibitions around the UK, and the Darwin Day website for events around the world.

Or you could always just sit back and relax, alone or with a few friends and a bottle of wine (or sherry, Darwin's drink of choice, as we are regularly reminded by the man himself) and watch/listen to some of the unstoppably brilliant content on the BBC Darwin website.

Whatever you do, please consider topping it off by giving a special Darwin bicentenary donation to the Beagle Project or buying something from our shop. After all, once Darwin Day has come and gone, we will still be here, working to support Darwin's future legacy in science, education and outreach.


Jason R said...

Hoping someone will bake me a cake like this one cause its my bday too.

Karen James said...

Okay, I like squid as much as the next gal but that's just gross.

Anonymous said...

I'll be helping my kids with homework...and taking some time out to talk about evolution and look at books.

Ben Hawkes said...

I'll be busy rehearsing The Beagle Has Landed!and arranging some show dates for later this year...

I hope Darwin would approve. And I really hope he has a sense of humour!