4 January 2009

Got evolution?

Nature does, and you can too, free and fifteen-fold in the form of "15 evolutionary gems" (PDF).

And while you're downloading this most excellent learning and teaching resource from them, don't miss the Nature news special on Darwin 200, a nest of very good Darwin and evolution eggs with content ranging from slide shows to book reviews to peer-reviewed research.

The special website is graced by this really fabulous bit of artwork at right by someone called Jonathan Williams featuring a young Darwin (we like those) with his menagerie, including, apparently, a rare species of tweed-dwelling barnacle.

More about Nature's special section:
Darwin 200
The 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Robert Darwin falls on 12 February 2009. Darwin was arguably the most influential scientist of modern times. No single researcher has since matched his collective impact on the natural and social sciences; on politics, religions, and philosophy; on art and cultural relations, and in ways that the man himself would never have imagined. This Nature news special will provide continuously updated news, research and analysis on Darwin's life, his science and his legacy, as well as news from the Darwin200 consortium of organizations celebrating this landmark event.
Bow of the sprit to the National Center for Science Education, fighting the good fight since 1981, you know, way back when intelligent design was still called creationism in public.

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