4 January 2009

Cue chorus of angels (ii)

Out of 581 entries, only 50 blog posts were deemed worthy of inclusion in Open Laboratory 2008: The Best Science Writing on Blogs (link coming soon) by editor Jennifer Rohn and a group of very, very hard-working* judges and I am extremely proud--chuffed, even--that my post Detecting natural selection: a pika's tale has made the grade! My chuffedness only increases when I see the other posts that have been included, not least the live-blogged vasectomy which I think deserves a very special round of applause and perhaps even a medal for service to science blogging in the face of adversity.

Previous editions of Open Laboratory can be purchased here:

The Open Laboratory The Open Laboratory

*I know they are hard-working because I was a judge last year and let me tell you, it's quite a job


Bob O'Hara said...

It seems Mr. Darwin also made the cut(*), congratulations to both of you!

(*) Errm, not that sort.

Karen James said...

Ooo, now that there's some good company. Thanks for noting it, Bob.

Podblack said...

I LOVED that Pika post! It was nom nom nom! Well done! :D

Peter Mc said...

Congrats Karen, I'd say it was the Pika of the bunch.