15 January 2009

Congratulations to Lloyd's List for shoehorning The Origin of Species into an article about shipping liquefied gas.

Survival of the fittest
As the world marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’, the liquefied natural gas industry is realising that it too must evolve in a hostile environment.
The article on natural selection and the liquified natural gas shipping industry is here. Actually, it's not so tenuous. Charles Darwin's boyhood nickname was 'gas', acquired because he spent his spare time carrying out chemical experiments in a shed, causing noisome reeks and the occasional explosion.

Lloyd's List was first published in 1734, and is the authoritative guide to world shipping. I wonder if they recorded any of Beagle's arrivals and departures? It is read by wealthy ship owners, many of whom may need a bell lanyard for their supertanker. No supertanker is complete without one, and supertankers without bell lanyards are often commented on in the Supertanker high society magazine "Oilo!"

Fortunately we have one (or maybe two) for auction, and all funds raised will go to build a new seagoing Beagle to celebrate the achievements of Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy. Lloyd's List needs an elegant square rigged Beagle to grace her pages and cheer people up, what with all the bad news coming out of the Asian dry bulk market.

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