25 January 2009

Mike Haubrich: Beagle Projecteer Extraordinaire

Quite out of the (tangled up in) blue, Beagle Projecteer Mike Haubrich has taken some seriously admirable initiative on behalf of the Beagle Project and written to Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection the following letter:
One of the more important facets of understanding the effects of global climate change is understanding the effects that warming has on the oceans.

I have friends who are working to fund a project which will study the effects on the oceans. They are preparing to build a replica of Charles Darwin's home for five years on the ocean, HMS Beagle. This will be a working science ship that will follow the original ocean surveying voyage and gather new data.

The team have signed a deal with NASA to jointly measure the effects that change has on the ocean using satellites.

They will be gathering data on species sampling, cataloging organisms and also looking at the rapid loss of coral reefs and other effects that man has had on our environment.

The more important facet of this is as a tool to excite the curious about science exploration. How was the science done in the 19th century? How is it being done now?

A project this thrilling and exciting is sure to gather additional interest on the issue of climate change, and the prospect of a joint American and British project is certain to lead people into understanding what is at stake.

Imagine a square rigger sailing into the Galapagos Archipelago with live footage broadcast via satellite!

And so I write to ask if there are grant applications available through the Alliance for Climate Protection so that my friends can apply for funding through your group.

You can learn more about the project and the people behind it at :


Thank you for your consideration;

Mike Haubrich,
Mounds View, Minnesota
Mike, you are an absolute star - we may have to think of a special category for uber-Beagle Projecteers with you as the founding member. Thank you from the bottoms of our four-chambered hearts!


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Thanks, Karen. Let's hope this produces some results.

I'll keep digging for money.

the mad LOLscientist said...

w00t! Let's have some live cams throughout the voyage too! kthxbai. =^..^=