13 December 2008

World Wide Wallace

Wallace's Rottweiler aka George Beccalloni tells me that The Wallace Fund is producing ~20 of these lovely 55 cm diameter plaques commemorating Alfred Russel Wallace's discovery (independent of Darwin) of evolution by natural selection.

The plaques are replicas of an original at the Natural History Museum in London featuring a profile of Wallace made while he was still alive.

The Wallace Fund plans is to donate the plaques to "a wide variety of organisations worldwide which have an interest in Wallace" (see list below).

Most exciting of all, The Wallace Fund will be giving one plaque away "to a public organisation somewhere in the world which has an especial interest in Wallace's life and work".

For more information about the plaque, how to apply for the free plaque and about Alfred Russel Wallace in general, please visit The Alfred Russel Wallace Website.

Organisations to receive Wallace plaques:



Subsidised plaques will be presented to:

Way more detail at The Alfred Russel Wallace Website.


Bob O'Hara said...

s/Darwin/Wallace/ at the start?

And why are they presenting a replica to the NHM? "Here, have a copy of this plaque, which you can put next to the original".

Karen James said...

Bob, not sure what possessed me to write 'Darwin's Rottweiler' at the beginning - maybe this hugely disruptive +1 jetlag I'm experiencing in Zurich? Anyways, now corrected, thank you.

Regarding the NHM replica - I'll let George answer that.

George Beccaloni (aka Wallace's Rottweiler) said...

Hi Bob:-

We are presenting a plaque to the NHM because the replica looks a lot nicer than the original and it would therefore be great for exhibition display. The original is damaged and this damage is much more obvious than on the replica. I am hoping that the replica will go on display to the public in the Special Collections Area in Darwin Centre 2 when it opens next year. The huge oil painting of Wallace which was due to go into this room is apparently too big!