18 December 2008

A very important holiday annoucement from Chas Darwin

We've been neglecting for far too long our felt friend Mr. Chas Darwin, handmade by Miss Prism of the capacious handbag and auctioned by same in support of The Beagle Project. We aim to rectify this ghastly omission beginning today, starting with this very important holiday announcement from Mr. Darwin from his new home in Canada:

Shop here or even better yet donate to the project in honour of a friend or loved one who is a fan Darwin and/or the Beagle. Here is just a smattering of our wares with original artwork very kindly provided by John Chancellor (courtesy Gordon Chancellor), Diana Sudyka and Claudia Myatt:

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Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Happy Newtonmas to all of the wonderful bloggers and fundraisers behind the Beagle Project Blog.

You've all been great to me, and I deeply appreciate it.