27 November 2008

To the person who just spent $150 in the Beagle Project Shop

Thank you!

Friday updates:
  1. "BGC" reveals him/herself in comments.
  2. Another $150 purchase just came through!
  3. ...which turns out to be another BGC purchase.
  4. BGC recommends sweatshirts.... *rushes to CafePress website to create sweatshirts*


Bob O'Hara said...

Wasn't me.

I did get my t-shirt this week, though. It looks great!

Karen James said...

Thanks, Bob - which kind did you get? Wait, don't answer that, send a picture instead!

coturnix said...

Wasn't me either, although I was wearing my shirt all day yesterday.

Richard Carter, FCD said...

Careful chaps, if everyone who it wasn't adds a comment, this will be the longest comment thread ever.

(It wasn't me either.)

BGC said...

You're entirely welcome. It's only the first stop of the season too... I'll be back.

Decided to make x-mas shopping easier this year - and hopefully fruitful for more than just my family.


Karen James said...

BGC: thank you, very fruitful indeed!

BGC said...

Told ya I'd come back...

One suggestion: Sweatshirts.


Karen James said...

BGC, ask and ye shall receive: