15 November 2008

Thanks to Mike Haubrich

for his never-flagging enthusiasm and support of the Beagle Project.

Mike, who writes Tangled Up In Blue Guy (I've always been afraid to ask....) is one of our much appreciated blog peeps, and he's written a very kind pro-Beagle post here in response to Karen's Become A Beagle Projecteer post. He announces he will be adding a PayPal donation button to his blog to help collect funds for the Beagle Project, for which we are eternally grateful.

Inspired by Mike's gesture, we are working on a grab-and-go button to make it easy for anyone to help out in this way.

Thanks Mike!

(PS. Oh, and Peter and Karen do the heavy lifting over here, I am merely a crazed cheerleader, but shall be trying to shoulder a bit more of the load shortly.)


Peter Mc said...

Hear hear, and thanks on all counts.

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Thanks for all you lot do for me! And the About page discusses the source of the nym, Elke. It's not scary, I promise.