18 November 2008

Jennifer Rohn walks the walk

Dr Jennifer Rohn, scientist, blogger and editor (to whom we are grateful for the lovely interview at LabLit) is now also a published novelist!

Her new book, Experimental Heart, is, according to Jennifer, "a light-hearted romantic thriller about post-docs under duress in a London research lab", which makes it exotic... not James Bond exotic, but exotic in the sense that real scientists, practicing real science, are strangely, and sadly, absent from pop culture.

Jennifer has a pea under her mattress about this omission, and so it's great to see her putting her passion into practice by making her characters real scientists.

Check out the rapturous blurbs:
"It is terrific...I was gripped from the first page to the last, which is unusual for me...[ the author has done] a brilliant job of weaving in so many aspects of science – experimental, social, and political – without making them intrusive."
- Martin Raff, Molecular Biology of the Cell

"Science as it is practiced today can be conceptualized as a mystery story, or a love story, or a thriller. In EXPERIMENTAL HEART Rohn has made a brilliant synthesis of these three modes, resulting in a page-turner with depths, exploring the hope and danger of both bio-medicine and lab romance. In short, a true novel. Scientists who gave up reading fiction about science because it's never right – check this out. Non-scientists wondering what goes on it in that weird culture – find out here. By the end you'll be reading as fast as you can."
- Kim Stanley Robinson, Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of Red Mars, Antarctica and Forty Signs of Rain

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