29 November 2008

Fourteen new sweatshirts in Beagle Project shop

A mysterious Beagle Project shop patron known only as "BGC", who has recently spent over $300 in the Beagle Project shop...
*wild applause issues forth from the direction of Britain*
...suggested that we should sell some sweatshirts. Anything for you, BGC:


BGC said...

OK, so I *swear* these weren't on there before... but how did you have them run-up so fast? Is this one of those clever, "teh Intertoobz" things, where everything is instantly at your fingertips?

Well, now I have to buy one of course...


PS - I'm not really all that mysterious either... just an eccentric geologist

Karen James said...


A geologist! Excellent.

You swear correctly. I only added the sweatshirts last night after I read your comment.

Here's how it works: Cafe Press prints the gear 'on demand'. Anyone can open a shop for free (you pay a little for 'premium' service) and upload their own graphics and choose a selection of gear. Cafe Press only prints the products when someone like you comes along and orders them, which is a lot more economical because they don't have to worry about unwanted inventory, and more environmentally friendly because it reduces waste.

So all I had to do last night was select the sweatshirts I wanted to use and then add my already-existing images to them and voila, they are available in the shop.

Teh intertoobz demystified.