4 November 2008

Charles Darwin endorses Barack Obama

The HMS Beagle Trust is an organisation with a healthy amount of political diversity amongst its directors and patrons. As such, your Beagle bloggers, however strong our personal preferences may be, have resisted the temptation to formally endorse a candidate for the US presidency on this blog.

We do note with vigorous interest and a certain amount of thinly veiled delight, however, that our great hero, Charles Darwin, has endorsed Mr. Obama.

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Sissy Willis said...

Claims that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin supports the teaching of creationism in science classes are gratuitous smears based upon misreporting by a media in the tank for Barack Obama, as I have blogged here.

As for those who would project their own political fantasies onto the world view of Charles Darwin, I am deeply skeptical of the notion that a man unafraid of pursuing scientific truth wherever it might lead could ever support the long-discredited Marx-lite philosophy of persons of the left who would deny human nature in favor of utopianist dreams.