29 November 2008

A bit of Darwin and TV history

walked up to the stand at the Sail Power and Watersports Show yesterday. A gentleman came and cast a knowing eye over our model (well it's Simon Keynes' model, but he has lent it to us) of HMS Beagle.

I sidled up to him and began the spiel. But I couldn't tell him anything about the voyage of the Beagle - he was director of photography on the Voyage of Charles Darwin, the 7 part series shot by the BBC in 1979 at a cost of £3 million (which was big money - it was the most expensive TV project ever). He had spent 18 months on and around the Marquesa directing the photography (as directors of photography will). A charming and modest man, I persuaded him to pose for a pic which I will post as soon as I can find my USB cable...

The BBC will (inexplicably) not be repeating the series for Darwin's bicentenary in 2009. So if you want to see it, you have to watch it postage-stamp size on youtube.

OK, ailses here at Earl's Court are filling up, time to stop slacking drinking coffee and blogging, and go and find that millionaire who is out there and just wants to see a Beagle a-building in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of blowing my reputation for modesty, is there any chance of adding my name to this post, or is that usb cable still lost?